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Homework Policy

The fifth grade homework plan is aligned with the latest revision of the Fremont Unified District Policy 6154.  A summary of that policy can be found on the Glenmoor School and teacher websites.  

Objectives:  Through homework, students will learn how to develop effective study habits. It is also an opportunity to learn how to prioritize, organize and take responsibility for their educational needs. Finally, homework provides each child with a chance to further develop the skills and knowledge which will benefit them throughout their lifetime.  Homework for Room D-18 will follow these guidelines:

  • Teachers give students an official Glenmoor Homework Assignment Book (HAB) to keep track of all assignments on a daily basis. Students are responsible for accurately writing down assignments and bringing home the required materials and textbooks.  Parents are asked to review the homework assignments each night and sign the HAB, verifying that they have seen the homework and that their child has completed the homework to the best of their ability.
  • Homework assignments are an extension of classwork. Time, and the chance to ask for clarification, is provided when assignments are given in class. Students are asked to take all homework assignments home, even if the assignment has been completed in class. This allows the parents to see what the student has done, and it provides parents with a chance to check over homework.
  • While the district allows for 45-60 minutes per night for homework, one must recognize that students work at different speeds. Additionally, if a student wants to excel, he or she may want to put in more time in order to do that. Taking this into consideration, parents should monitor homework in order to make sure that their child is using his or her time effectively.
  • Almost all of the homework is directly related to upcoming tests. For that reason, it is extremely important that students complete their homework and listen attentively. Students with excused absences may complete missed homework. Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday, with no homework on the weekend or during school breaks. Late homework will only be accepted for partial credit.