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Welcome to the Glenmoor Library

Mrs. Lafontaine, Library Media Technician

Email Address:
Phone  510-797-0740-0141  ext. 63037

Please call before or after school hours.

Thank you for supporting our school Library

The Library will be open four days a week, Tuesday – Friday.  The Library is open before school and during morning & afternoon recesses.  Students are encouraged to exchange their books during recess as soon as they finish reading them.  Parents, too, may check out books, and are welcome when the library is open and I do not have a class.  Our school library has several bi-lingual books, including Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese.

Our library serves over 680 students & staff, and contains over 20,000 volumes.

Friends of the Library are always welcome.  Please stop by the Library to see how you may help.

Library Book Checkouts

1 Book – Kindergarten

2 Books – 1st through 3rd Grade

3 Books – 4th through 6th Grade

Books are due back in 1 week and may be renewed up to 2 times.

Lost &/or damaged books are charged as follows:

Hardcover:   $25.00

Paperback:   $10.00

Magazine:     $5.00


Please help your child be responsible for his/her books and return them every week.